Sustainability Principles

The Company’s sustainability principles are:

Design, plan and manage our operational sites to have the least possible adverse effect on the natural environment.

Integrate economic, social and environmental policies to achieve the best outcome.

Reduce our ecological footprint.

Create a culture of sustainability and build awareness of sustainability principles and their application to our business.

Regularly test decision-making processes and activities.

Corporate Philosophy of Eclipse Soils

Corporate Philosophy

Eclipse Soils adhere to the principles of achieving positive outcomes under the three key measures of sustainability – environmental, social and economic.

It is within this broad framework that the company aims to:

Be a leader in what we do

Operate at all times ethically and professionally

Reduce our ecological footprint

Contribute back to the community

Maintain a strong customer focus

Look after staff responsibly

Eclipse Soils Waterwise Accreditation

The Water Corporation, with support from Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia’s water conservation label, has created the Waterwise Approved product endorsement program in response to a drying climate in Western Australia and the increasing need to use our water wisely. The Waterwise Approved program is one component of a larger effort by the Corporation to help the community in WA reduce their water use in the garden and alleviate the need for further water restrictions in the future.

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia’s water saving accreditation program for products and services that help reduce outdoor water use.Smart Watermark Products and services with the Smart Approved WaterMark label have been assessed by an independent technical expert panel. It is the companion scheme to the Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards (WELS) which provides ratings of indoor water using products.

For further information see www.smartwatermark.org.

Eclipse Soils Accreditation

Corporate Philosophy of Eclipse Soils

Operations / Sites

Eclipse Soils operates from our Abercrombie Road Resource Recovery Centre in Kwinana. The facility accommodates both the Eclipse Soils and Eclipse Resources operations.

The site is being progressively rehabilitated and landscaped ensuring a high standard of visual presentation. The site will eventually be developed as a light industrial estate.

Eclipse Soils Wins Water Award

Eclipse Soils Wins Water AwardEclipse Soils’ Aquamor range of soils and mulches have confirmed their water saving credentials by carrying off the prestigious Conservation and Efficiency prize at the 2012 Australian Water Association West Australian Water Awards.

Announced by WA Water Minister Bill Marmion at a glittering gala dinner at Perth’s Convention Centre, Eclipse Soils beat the WA Water Corporation’s highly regarded shower head swap program to clinch the Award.

The judges acknowledged Eclipse Soils efforts in spending over $1 million to find the right recipes of wholly recycled clean material (clays, flyash, spongolite, topsoils, diatomaceous earths, peats) largely sourced from construction sites and green waste collections to produce its range of products.

The Aquamor range of products will reduce water use by up to 50 per cent over a normal Bassendean sand requirement and promote stronger, healthier plant and turf growth.

Aquamor Mulch, Aquamor Soil Improver and Aquamor Soil Blend were the first soil products in WA to achieve the National Smart Approved WaterMark accreditation.

Aquamor Soil Improver when incorporated into native sand soils substantially improves the physical, biological and chemical characteristics of Perth’s sandy coastal plain.

Other products, including Aquamor Soil Blend, Aquamor Mulch, Aquamor Soil Blend, Organic Soil Conditioner, EnviroMulch, Rooftop Garden Soil and Planter Box Mix, all increase water holding capacity while maintaining good drainage.

Eclipse Soils was also a finalist in the Research and Innovation section of the 2012 Water Awards.


“The Water Awards showed that the company had made the right decision when it decided to invest heavily in research to produce the right blend of water retentive soils and mulches,” said Eclipse Soils Director Rob Sippe and Chief Scientist Martin Bowman.


“Perth’s rainfall is decreasing, our population growing fast, and our sandy soils use large amounts of water but we still want our playing fields, lawns and gardens. So we set out to show that good growth could be achieved and the amount of water used substantially reduced while also significantly reducing the amount of nutrient leaching. It’s very gratifying to have that vision confirmed through this award and it’s a credit to all the staff and scientists involved in the project.”


“Eclipse Soils intends to continue to invest heavily in R&D into the areas of phosphorus leaching into groundwater, reducing water consumption to gardens/lawns and ameliorating acidification of soils.”

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