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We supply quality formulated materials to improve soil structure and reduce the amount of water required to support and maintain healthy plant growth.

Welcome to Eclipse Soils

Eclipse Soils Pty Ltd was established in 2008 with the objective of producing water saving soil and mulch products.

Quality Materials

Quality Materials

Clean Materials

Clean Materials

Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

Corporate Philosophy

Eclipse Soils adhere to the principles of achieving positive outcomes under the three key measures of sustainability – environmental, social and economic.

It is within this broad framework that the company aims to:

Be a leader in what we do

Operate at all times ethically and professionally

Reduce our ecological footprint

Contribute back to the community

Maintain a strong customer focus

Look after staff responsibly

Awards & Accreditations

Eclipse Soils’ Aquamor range of soils and mulches have confirmed their water saving credentials by carrying off the prestigious Conservation and Efficiency prize at the 2012 Australian Water Association West Australian Water Awards.

What our customers say

At Eclipse Soils, customer satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why we like to regularly check in with our customers and ask them how we’re doing.

We chose Eclipse Soils Aquamor products for the Port Coogee project based on the requirements that we needed a soil attenuation product and mulch that would improve the ‘existing soil’, which was predominantly locally sourced topsoil, to provide and promote sustainable growth for the proposed planting selections in a very harsh environment close to the Indian Ocean and Cockburn Sound. The selection of the Aquamor mulch was based on our requirement that the mulch had to be predominantly a ‘green waste’ product of a size, texture, and density that would not be wind driven and would not facilitate the capillary absorption of moisture from the soil. These criteria were especially critical for the Port Coogee project given its proximity to the ocean and susceptibility to strong winds, heat, and salt spray. We and our client have been extremely satisfied with the result that have been achieved largely due to the fact that the products have met all the criteria that we set out to achieve and time has proven that our choice of using Eclipse Soils products was well founded. Eclipse Soils products continue to be used for this project for both on-going maintenance and topping up of the existing landscaping and for new landscaping projects. The Aquamor range of products has and continues to perform to our and our clients expectations.

Testimonials Client

Dirk Van Nellestijn
Urban Landscaping

The water saving methods incorporated into the soil has allowed less watering during establishment. We are also able to use less water during the growing season. The turf responds quicker after times of stress and drought caused by irrigation issues. The product works extremely well both in establishment and normal growing seasons. The beneficial effects of water saving and producing quality turf encourage me to use this product again.

Testimonials Client

Ken Sullivan
City of Rockingham

(08) 9380 3333

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Smart Approved WaterMark
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Waterwise Approved
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